Shared Experience


In our role as specialist financial planners we are always struck by the uniqueness of our clients’ situations and at the same time by the empowering nature of shared experience. It’s no surprise then that “Shared Experience” the BBC Radio 4 broadcast caught our attention.

In the series guests share what they have in common and discuss everything from stay-at-home dads, to sleep disorders, to being scammed. In one particular episode “Not What We Were Expecting” (series 5) three mums talk about their sons, diagnosed with autism and with Down’s Syndrome, and the life transitions they’ve each gone through.

Listening to what these devoted parents say about their experiences of diagnosis, about the other people around them family, friends, professionals and about how they’ve coped with some of the challenges is in some places surprising and in others thought-provoking. What they share makes it very clear that in specialist care needs circumstances, regardless of the specifics, having continued support is crucial.

The “Not What We Were Expecting” podcast is 28 minutes long.