Moa Diseborn

Life Transitions Coach

My aim is to always go through life with an open heart. As a mother of two children, families with children that need special care are extra close to my heart. I have friends who have a child with a brain injury and their approach to life inspires me and helps me achieve my aim. They amaze me with their strength. I see them embracing life with creativity and love and in doing so, being able to turn challenges into opportunities. Their capacity to work through life’s transitions with an open heart is truly an inspiration.

Moa is an experienced International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach. She has a degree in behaviourism and her background is in International HR. Moa’s vision for Wealthflow clients is to support them in establishing goals that are in line with who they truly are and what they dream of. Through Life Transitions Coaching, Moa enables people to transform their relationship with money. 

Team Wealthflow - Moa Diseborn - Life Transitions Coach

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