Michelle Botia

HR Support

My life heroes are my parents. My mum taught me to be genuine, open and kind, to help others, be positive and enjoy life. My dad encouraged me to work hard, be determined, and to value everyone’s skills and opinions. These values have stood me in good stead throughout my personal life and professional career. I enjoy working with businesses that value their team members and strive to provide a service that makes a real difference for their clients. I love working with Duncan and the team at Wealthflow!

Michelle has a BSc (Hons) in Science with Management Studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management. She has held senior HR positions in; Royal Bank of Scotland, Corporate Banking Bank of Scotland HBOS, and Bank of Bermuda. She currently runs an independent HR consultancy. She enjoys helping companies get the most from their teams and her passion for people is obvious. Michelle has been Wealthflow’s dedicated HR consultant since 2013, providing expert advice on best HR practice and employment law as well as operational support in our financial planning process.

Team Wealthflow - Michelle Botia - HR Support

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