John Kenny-Levick

Money Coach

Being a money coach has provided the greatest satisfaction of my career. I learned the personal meaning of coaching through a long-term client relationship with a mother whose son experienced clinical negligence and as a result was severely disabled. She had grace, a matter of fact way of making everyday decisions, and a relentless determination to do what was best for her son. Working with her was a beautiful experience and her perspective of me (her then financial adviser) took me by surprise. She viewed me not just as a trusted professional but also a friend, someone she could be safely vulnerable with and someone that would support her to get clarity and take actions towards her goals.

John joined the Wealthflow team in January 2019. Having retired from his financial planning career in 2013, he has become a highly respected and experienced coach (International Coaching Federation Accredited). John’s money coaching work centres around his strongly held belief that learning about our relationship with money is just as important as receiving sound investment advice. His core work value is to be in service to others and make a contribution.

Team Wealthflow - John Kenny-Levick - Money Coach

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