Evie Milo

Web Development

My partner and I have been blessed with a beautiful, happy, healthy son. From the day he came into our lives he has been a source of joy and wonder. He is currently at a stage where I see him becoming ever more independent and aware of people beyond his own family. I’m teaching him to accept and embrace difference and diversity. He really gets it and his open-ness and understanding is an inspiration to me.

Evie is a multipotentialite “someone with many interests and creative pursuits”. She studied art, sculpture, photography and design, each to degree level. Over the years she has used her creative talents and skills working across many different fields including web development, animation, film, photography and precious metal jewellery production. She has been providing a dedicated web development service to Wealthflow since 2009.

Team Wealthflow - Evie Milo - Web Development

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