Dr Danny McGuigan

Personal Strengths Coach

I’ve been fortunate to have had three powerful influences in my life; my mother, my grandmother and my friend Barbara. Each in their own different way, introduced me to the inescapable reality that open and honest conversations are the route to building lasting trust. I have gone the long way round and learned that a happy balanced life, with true consolation, needs consistent investment not only in family, friends, health and wealth, but also in self.

Danny has been bringing coaching expertise to corporate clients across Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany, Holland and Austria for more than 30 years. He is dedicated (in his own life and that of his clients) to the learning journey that can reconcile personal values, beliefs, history, experiences, hopes and dreams, with a sense of purpose and peace in life. He brings together a unique blend of experience and skills, with a highly professional and phased coaching framework, underpinned by sensitive care for every person he coaches. Danny holds the world’s first PhD in Friendship.

Team Wealthflow - Dr Danny McGuigan - Personal Strengths Coach

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