At Wealthflow we thrive on open and honest conversations and the question we are most frequently asked is “How long will our money last?” To answer that question we don’t try to predict the future. We know our “systematic investing” philosophy ensures the best possible opportunities for investment success and we use our experience and skills to carefully consider the impact of factors such as; inflation, taxes, professional fees, one-off and regular spending.

It is important to discuss long-term strategy and plan for changing seasons. We encourage you to tell us about your everyday realities and dreams for the future, and we use professional coaching tools to support you in setting goals. Once we know your objectives, then we use state-of-the-art cashflow modelling software and work with you to create a tailored Lifetime Spending Plan.

Your Lifetime Spending Plan will empower you to plan confidently. In the first instance it provides reassurance and peace of mind about how long your money will last. Over the long-term we regularly update your plan, creating a touchstone for your most important life decisions.

You can learn more about goal setting in “How to be Happy and Rich” co-authored by Duncan R Glassey and our Life Transitions Coach, Moa Diseborn.