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Money Coach programme highly recommended

Wealthflow Money Coach Webinar Programme

As we approach the end of the year, Dr George Callaghan is completing a Money Coach Webinar Programme, rounding-up one-to-one coaching sessions with a cohort of young professionals and gathering feedback on September’s webinar series. We aren’t at all surprised to hear rave reviews of George: “George is an excellent presenter. Clear, and concise, he […]

A date for your diary

Wealthflow Money Coach Webinar two stage programme

As the summer break approaches and thoughts might be turning to “next term” we are delighted to bring you an update on Wealthflow Money Coach. Planning and development of both the Webinar Programme and the Workshop Programme is on track and booking for the Sept – Dec 2019 Webinar Programme is now open! https://www.wealthflowmoneycoach.com/product/webinar-programme/ Webinar […]

More than money management skills

Explore Your Money Choices

The education gap in the area of personal finance is becoming ever more evident. From September 2013, financial education in secondary schools became a mandatory part of the national curriculum, however, thanks in part to teachers not feeling confident delivering the subject, financial education has not been a priority for most schools. Stepping into the […]

Money education for the iGeneration

Wealthflow Money Coach Programme

Today’s fast-paced society and economy is such that all of us, particularly the iGeneration, are facing more and more money decisions.  At Wealthflow we are often asked by parents and grandparents: How do we best put money aside for our children? How can we be sure they’ll use the money responsibly? How can we provide […]