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Beware – 2013 Crystal Balls

One of the more interesting myths in the investment world is that large financial institutions, with their access to mountains of data pored over by teams of staff economists, can determine where the markets are going and profit accordingly. Too many investors believe this even though, every year, we can go back to the confident […]

Nightmare on Wall Street

In New York, last Wednesday’s trading session was marked by unusual activity in 148 shares, many of which swung sharply in the first hour of trading due to an apparent error in a newly installed software programme developed by seventeen-year-old Knight Capital Group Inc., one of the largest market-making and trading firms. For some, the […]

Bipolar Investing

It seems that virtually everybody agrees that during the last few weeks, the investment markets have been ruled more by emotions than logic.  But as we watch the markets rise and fall like giant ocean swells, it’s fair to ask: how, exactly, does this happen? A recent report by the Reuters news service, entitled “The […]

Your Secret Weapon: Discipline

Working with markets, understanding risk and return, diversifying and portfolio structure—we’ve heard the lessons of sound investing over and over. But so often the most important factor between success and failure is ourselves. The current rocky period in financial markets has brought to the surface some familiar emotions for many, including a strong urge to […]