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Getting to the Point of a Point

The news often reports that the stock market has risen or fallen by a certain number of “points.” These types of headlines may make little sense to some investors, given that a point for an index and what it means to an individual’s portfolio may be unclear. The potential for misunderstanding also exists among even […]

Tuning Out the Noise

Tuning Out the Noise

For investors, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the relentless stream of news about markets. Being bombarded with data and headlines presented as impactful to your financial well-being can evoke strong emotional responses from even the most experienced investors. Headlines from the ”lost decade”¹ can help illustrate several periods that may have led […]

2013 – A Year to Remember

Let’s first take a look at the U.S. stock market which punctuated an extraordinary year with gains on the last trading day, moving many of the American indexes to record highs on the final trading day for only the sixth time in history. Despite all the uncertainties that the U.S. faced (the government shutdown, Boston […]

Scary Times, Remarkable Returns

US Rollercoaster The threat of a US government shutdown virtually guaranteed that the investment markets would close out the third quarter with a whimper rather than a bang. The S&P 500 index lost 1.1% of its value in the final week of the quarter as the U.S. Congress seemed to be lurching toward a political […]

Cruising Toward Resolution

Does it ever feel like this… to be a stock market investor these days? Two weeks ago, the markets were rocked by the Standard & Poors ratings downgrade of longer-term U.S. Treasury securities.  This past week, it was problems with European debt. It’s not immediately obvious, even for financial professionals, why U.S. and U.K. stocks […]