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Worry List?

Future? So far this year, the investment markets have held up pretty well, which doesn’t always happen after a year of big returns like we experienced in 2013. But based on experience, you know that something will spook investors at some point this year, the way the markets took a dive when the US Congress […]

Not Rocket Science

When the media raises the subject of beating the stockmarket through astute stock picking, the name ‘Warren Buffett’ is usually cited. But what does this legendary investor actually say about the smart way to invest? Buffett is considered to have such a track record of picking stock winners and avoiding losers that his annual letter […]

Guessing Games?

Markets have had a rocky time of late as investors in aggregate reassess prospects for monetary policy stimulus in the United States. Is this something to worry about? The world’s most closely watched central bank unsettled financial markets by flagging that it may start to scale back its bond purchases. Under this programme of so-called […]

The Rollercoaster Effect

There are two kinds of investor in this world. One type pays close attention to the daily (and sometimes hourly) flood of information, looking for a reason (any reason) to jump in or out of the markets. The other kind of investor is in for the long haul, and recognises that the markets are going […]