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How deep is your risk?

Intuitively, one knows that this is a risky, dice-rolling business and that for every winner there are bound to be some losers and some also-rans.

All investors know they need to take risks in order to achieve returns higher than cash. If you asked ten investors if equities were more risky than cash, most would agree; but that depends on how one understands risk. The investment industry has done a poor job of explaining risk as it relates to an […]

A World Gone Mad : Reasons to be Cheerful

Delivering ‘peace of mind’ may sound a bit trite, but that is the goal, consequence and value of great financial planning.

As I get older I find myself thinking that the world has truly gone mad. The roll call of depressing headlines seems endless. But look beyond what the media calls news and there are a lot of things to be optimistic about. It’s true the world faces challenges in maintaining stable and well-functioning social, environmental […]

Greece’s precipitous position and its implications for investors


This weekend’s announcements that bail-out talks have stalled, the Greek government has called for a referendum on whether to reject or accept the terms on offer from the Eurozone, and the announcement that the ECB will cease to provide liquidity to Greek banks means that, barring any other surprises, the Greek debt boil is about […]

The Rollercoaster Effect

There are two kinds of investor in this world. One type pays close attention to the daily (and sometimes hourly) flood of information, looking for a reason (any reason) to jump in or out of the markets. The other kind of investor is in for the long haul, and recognises that the markets are going […]