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Déjà Vu All Over Again

Sticking With Your Goal

Investment fads are nothing new. When selecting strategies for their portfolios, investors are often tempted to seek out the latest and greatest investment opportunities. Over the years, these approaches have sought to capitalise on developments such as the perceived relative strength of particular geographic regions, technological changes in the economy, or the popularity of different […]

How deep is your risk?

Intuitively, one knows that this is a risky, dice-rolling business and that for every winner there are bound to be some losers and some also-rans.

All investors know they need to take risks in order to achieve returns higher than cash. If you asked ten investors if equities were more risky than cash, most would agree; but that depends on how one understands risk. The investment industry has done a poor job of explaining risk as it relates to an […]

So, it is a hung Parliament…

As dawn breaks, the morning light reveals yet another political gamble that has not paid off for the dice roller. The UK has a hung Parliament, with no party holding an absolute majority. Such is the unpredictability of a parliamentary democracy. If you ask the people of the UK what they think, be prepared for […]

Systematic investing

Systematic Investing

The foundations of a successful investment experience. The purpose of investing Investing is the process of delaying consumption from today to sometime in the future and employing that money in the meantime in the markets to grow at a rate at least in line with inflation, but preferably more.  The lifestyle goals that you want […]

Collectables: sensible investments or folly?

Everyone has heard the stories about vast profits made on collectables, from classic cars to bottles of vintage ‘first growth’ Bordeaux wines. Take Jon Hunt, the founder of Foxton’s Estate Agency, who sold the company at the height of the pre-credit crisis, housing boom, and bought a Ferrari GTO 250 for an eye watering £15.7 […]