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Money education for the iGeneration

Wealthflow Money Coach Programme

Today’s fast-paced society and economy is such that all of us, particularly the iGeneration, are facing more and more money decisions.  At Wealthflow we are often asked by parents and grandparents: How do we best put money aside for our children? How can we be sure they’ll use the money responsibly? How can we provide […]

Global Diversification

Holding investments in many different countries broadens the potential opportunities available to you and can help to reduce the overall risk of your investments. Global diversification is an important consideration when we construct investment portfolios and last year, like most years, was a good example of why.

Unfair competition on risk-free interest rates?

NATIONAL SAVINGS Synopsis: Some National Savings & Investments (NS&I) rates have suddenly become competitive. We commented in an earlier posting that for 2009/10, NS&I´s agreed goal with the Treasury was to stand still, ie to balance inflows with outflows. This meant, in NS&I words, that it would continue ´to focus on balancing the interests of […]

The recession is not over

Synopsis: The latest figures from National Statistics suggest the UK economy is still shrinking. Is the UK still in recession? In the days before last Friday´s release of GDP figures from National Statistics, most economists would have said ´probably not´. The consensus forecast was for GDP to have shown an increase in the third quarter […]