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Stock market returns regardless of who lives at Number 10

Stock market returns regardless of who lives at Number 10

Boris Johnson has replaced Theresa May as the UK’s Prime Minister and it’s an opportune time to remind ourselves that in the long-term stock markets provide investment returns regardless of who lives at Number 10. Our election blog post (May 2017) illustrated why trying to make investment decisions based upon political speculation is unlikely to […]

Post-election – Reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be cheerful...

Many investors will be relieved that the result of the election meant that pro-business policies would be maintained and personal aspiration continue to be encouraged. There are good reasons to be cheerful. One of the Conservatives’ pre-election promises was that there would be no increase in income tax, National Insurance or VAT during their term […]

Investment Lesson: 1955 – 2011

Time for reflection… let’s look at the performance of the largest 750 companies listed on the UK stockmarket; FTSE All-Share Index from February 1955 to June 2011. Investors can draw two lessons. First, since 1955, bull markets in the FTSE All-Share Index have lasted longer than bear markets and delivered gains that are disproportionately greater […]

Cruising Toward Resolution

Does it ever feel like this… to be a stock market investor these days? Two weeks ago, the markets were rocked by the Standard & Poors ratings downgrade of longer-term U.S. Treasury securities.  This past week, it was problems with European debt. It’s not immediately obvious, even for financial professionals, why U.S. and U.K. stocks […]