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AIM Investing – does it hit the mark?

A favourite of tax advisers and stockbrokers, but is ‘The Alternative Investment Market (AIM)’ worth the risk for low to medium risk investors? I’m not convinced. Here’s why. 1. What is the AIM? The AIM is a market which provides small and fast growing businesses opportunities to generate capital. Since its launch in 1995, approximately […]

Inheritance tax savings

Simple precautions can avoid the need to pay inheritance tax on life policies and pension plans. In the case of life policies, these can and should usually be written in trust so that the benefit falls outside the taxable estate of the policyholder. A discretionary trust might be suitable, with the policyholder’s partner as the […]

The Child Benefit Tax Charge

The child benefit tax charge, introduced on 7 January, affects over one million families. A family with two children could see their annual spendable income drop by up to £1,752 p.a. in 2013/14; those with three children could lose £2,449 pa. At a time when prices are rising faster than incomes, it will be critical […]

How can I reduce my tax bill?

UK Income Tax rates are now at their highest since 1988, with those earning more than £150,000 paying tax at 50 percent. As a result, the recent 31 January payment will have proved very expensive for many. Here are our “top tips” for saving tax in the year to come. These could help reduce next […]

Maximum Investment Plans = £££s

With rising tax rates, there is an increasing interest in tax-efficient savings vehicles. Maximum Investment Plans (“MIPs”) are one such vehicle. MIPs allow a cash sum (ranging anywhere from £10,000 to £2m) to be invested every year for ten years. Provided the specified annual investments are made for at least seven and a half years, […]