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Pre Budget Planning – Deadline 16 March 2016

Pre Budget Planning

Following last week’s blog post on Financial Planning – Current Hot Topics, here are a few more tax efficient strategies to consider in the run up to the Budget.

Budget round-up

Budget Round-up

Pension lifetime allowance In an unexpected announcement, the maximum value of pension wealth which can be accumulated without incurring a 55% tax charge is to be reduced from £1.25 million to £1 million with effect from April 2016.

Wealthflow’s 12 Quick Tax Tips

Our 12 Quick Tax Tips Don’t waste your (or your partner’s) £9,440 personal allowance. Watch your tax band – the number of higher rate taxpayers is growing. Don’t ignore national insurance contributions –they are really a tax at up to 25.8%. Think marginal tax rates – the system now creates 60% (and higher) marginal rates. […]