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Possible CGT Rate Change – Budget

Debate on likelihood and impact of change continues. This blog post will look at the following Official concern over ‘the gap’ – between the CGT and income tax rates. Potential impact on business owners. Impact of ‘rate rise fear’ on current (‘pre-rise’) financial planning strategy. Possible longer term impact if rate rise implemented. Official ‘concern’ […]

Capital Gains Tax & Budget 2010

BUDGET 2010 : Will the capital gains tax rate be raised in next week’s Budget? The Financial Times reported yesterday that investors are rushing to sell shares and property ahead of next week’s budget, in the belief that there will be a hike in capital gains tax announced at the dispatch box. However, as the […]

2010/11 Tax Outlook for Family Business?

CORPORATION TAX 50% and (effective) 60% personal tax rates are hogging the headlines: How do companies fare? How do companies fare under the 2010/11 tax system? Not badly (well not as badly as high income individuals) is the answer.  In the Pre-Budget Report the Chancellor announced that the planned increase in the small companies’ rate […]

Budget Day Confirmed!

BUDGET 2010 Budget Day has been confirmed as 24 March. So at long last we have a Budget Day -Wednesday 24 March. As with the timing of general elections, governments of both hues seem to relish the power to keep a key date under wraps for as long as possible. In this instance the politicians’ […]

Inheritance Tax Planning?

2010/11 starts with the freezing of the nil rate band at £325k. Tories promise an increase to £1m – but by when? Much of the current tax concerns and tax planning focus is on increases in income tax and the removal of pensions tax relief for high earners. It would be unsurprising, in the light […]