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Tax Planning – New rates and bands on the way

Year End Tax Planning

The UK Budget set out an increase in the personal allowance, which rises from £11,500 in 2017/18 to £11,850 in 2018/19. The basic rate band is £33,500 in 2017/18 and £34,500 in 2018/19. So the threshold at which the 40% band applies increases from £45,000 to £46,350 for those who are entitled to the full […]

To Will or Not to Will

Making a Will is the only way to indicate who you want to benefit from your estate. Failure to take action could compromise the long term financial security of your family. It’s also the cornerstone for inheritance tax and estate planning. Yet previous studies have suggested that as many as a half to two thirds […]

Wealthflow Tips™: Tax Planning

Despite some high profile cases of tax avoidance, it remains a Government objective to encourage saving by providing legitimate ways of minimising tax. The end of the tax year is the ideal time to consider some of the opportunities. Inheritance tax can be reduced by transferring the assets on which the tax is charged, so […]

Easy Inheritance Tax Planning

IHT planning for those who don’t want to change their lives. For all who believe that they will have an IHT liability on their death or that of their spouse or civil partner. The Solution: A  life assurance policy – single life or joint lives last survivor (as appropriate) in trust for those who will […]

Budget report 2010 commentary

So, the chancellor has given his final Budget report before the next General Election. In summary the key highlights are: Pensions The Chancellor confirmed that, from 6 April 2011, individuals with gross incomes of £150,000 or more will have their tax relief restricted. From April 2011, those aged over 75 will pay no tax on […]