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Question – how best to save tax?

Husband and Wife and Civil partnerships / Independent Taxation / Civil Partnerships Synopsis: The arrival of the 50% rate of tax in April 2010 should be a spur for affected couples to ensure they are taking full advantage of independent taxation. This bulletin replaces the previous bulletin posted 9 June 2009 in order to amend […]

Wealth Check: ‘I want to retire at 40. Am I deluded?’

Case Study Taken from The Independent, Saturday 10 January 2009 Nick Eddy, 27, is originally from Victoria, Australia and has been living in London for less than a year. He is a civil engineer and has been working in construction management for the 2012 Olympic Games for the past four years. Nick doesn’t have an […]

Salary Sacrifice or Direct Pension Contribution?

Question Duncan, my accountant has suggested ’salary sacrifice’ as a means of saving tax and bolstering my retirement funding.  What do you think? Answer It is arguable that where you are able to agree on a salary/bonus sacrifice with your employer, with the sacrificed income being paid as an employer pension contribution to your chosen […]