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Sudden wealth no guarantee of health

Ever daydreamed about winning the lottery? You probably imagined a life of financial comfort and good health. But research suggests that such fantasies are often just that. Real lottery winners are not guaranteed either better health or even long-term financial security, say the economists behind two new studies. And amongst UK lottery winners, the problem […]

When Sudden Wealth Flows!

Many of us dream at some point in our lives about sudden wealth. What if we won the lottery, or a big-money contest, or inherited untold riches? Well, it does happen; what if it happens to you? Take for example, the lottery.  If you become a lotto winner your life is never ever going to […]

‘Sudden Wealthflow’ Syndrome?

One morning, John, a 52-year-old software designer, wakes up and realises he no longer has to go to work. For several years, he has toiled 70 hour weeks at his London based start-up company. Now his company has gone public and John is worth over £10m. His dreams have come true, yet, after an initial […]