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Dealing With the Perils and Pitfalls of Sudden Wealthflow

“As Baby Boomers begin to realise their inheritances, we’re about to see the greatest transfer of wealth in European history.” John stared at the cheque for a long time. It was made out to him and it was for more money than he had ever hoped to see at one time. Still, his first reaction […]

The Perils of Sudden Wealth

Two lottery wins in two consecutive years and the combined total of $5.4 million gone in just over two decades. Evelyn Adams, who achieved the Great American Dream twice when she won the New Jersey lottery in 1985 and 1986, is now destitute and living in a trailer. The tragedy is that hers is not […]

Sudden Wealth to Sudden Loss

It’s not that bad,” shrugs a French banker friend over lunch. “In some ways it’s a relief.” A quarter of his wealth has disappeared as his bank’s share price has plummeted in recent months and as a result he has put an architectural project on hold. “Now I have an excuse to kill it,” he […]

The Informed Investor

Recently we have had a number of people with bad investment experiences contact us for advice.  So what do we tell people who want to become informed investors, who can have a successful investment experience? We begin by saying, that most people still don’t understand the difference between speculation and investing. When you’ve got this […]

We’re all winners!

Q: I’ve just come into what you might call ‘sudden wealth’, what are the first steps I should take? A: I suggest focussing on three immediate priorities: If you tend to be waiting for that Big Hit from the lottery which once and for all will fix your life, relieve you of daily work and […]