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Smarter Investing: ‘If …’

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs… It has been quite a year for stock markets. In the past 12 months shares have soared to record highs; higher than the tech boom in 2001, and higher than the credit bubble of 2008. But let’s not get carried away. Being […]

Passive Investing: Part 5 of 8

Money is the single biggest cause of stress in the western world; today, spending and investing wisely has never been more important for our wealth AND health. The rational, emotion-free and proven approach of passive investing takes the stress out of watching the markets rise and fall, and makes for a more successful investing experience.

Smarter Investing – Part 3

How to be a passive investor. Following these few simple rules should help guarantee a successful investing experience: Know yourself and understand how much risk you can tolerate. In the long run, the more risk you accept, the greater the potential returns (and, of course, losses). Choose a good advisor. It is hard for most […]

Another Brick in the Wall of Worry

Stock prices rallied sharply around the world in the third quarter, with 42 out of 45 countries tracked by MSCI showing positive returns. Total return exceeded 10% in 19 different markets, while Ireland, Japan, and Morocco registered minor losses. For the twelve-month period ending September 30, 2012, 40 markets had positive returns, with six countries […]

Gold Rush or False Refuge?

Gold is one of those “alternatives” to stock market investment that seem to get more attention when economic prospects seem most dicey. Maybe the real question isn’t whether gold is a terrific asset class, but whether gold or any alternative instrument really offers safe harbour from shaky capital markets and economic catastrophe. Can investors reliably […]