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Armchair Experts

As a topic of conversation, investment is like sports. Everyone has an opinion. And the strongest opinions often come from those who spend more time in front of the TV than out on the playing field. Practitioners, meanwhile, are wary of anything labelled a sure thing. Indeed, it’s one of life’s ironies that the people […]

The Mother of Overreactions

The big news in the markets was the markets themselves: on Monday, in the U.S., the S&P 500 fell 79.92 points, losing 6.66% of its value.  The Dow was down 5.55% and the Nasdaq technology index dropped 6.90%.  Globally, the EAFE index, which tracks the overall market moves in the developed nations, fell 3.37%. Until […]

New Junior ISA

The weekend financial pages gave reasonable (and in some cases extensive) cover to the increase to the contribution limit for the forthcoming Junior ISA to £3,600. It has been predicted that if a junior ISA were commenced at birth and the full investment permitted were made each year then at an assumed rate of growth […]

New ISA Limits for 2011-12 Tax Year

The annual ISA subscription limit for the 2011-12 tax year has been increased. From the 6th April 2011, an investor will now have an annual allowance of £10,680 which can be subscribed to a Stocks & Shares ISA. That means a married couple will now be able invest £21,360 in the ISA tax free wrapper […]