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Smart Investment Lessons

Since 2008, economic uncertainty and market volatility have tested the staying power of investors around the world. Many people fled equities during the worst months of the global financial crisis, while others waited for signs of a turnaround before investing more. Their emotional reactions may have exacted a large price on their wealth. The graph […]

Comment: Market Volatility

Following this week’s stockmarket volatility. Key points: Fundamental elements to market turmoil – sovereign debt concerns and weakening US growth But we believe the past few days reflect investor panic rather than true prospects for global assets There is a significant fundamental element behind the current market volatility, with European sovereigns facing very real problems […]

Thinking About Investing?

Have you ever felt anxious about your investment portfolio?  Who hasn’t?  A recent presentation at one of our professional conferences pointed out that five out of every six years will produce a stock market return sequence that either triggers anxiety or smacks your portfolio so hard that you wonder why you ever trusted the markets […]

Q&A: Timing & Volatility

Question Wealthflow, I’m not a client but I have a question.  Stock market volatility is currently quite high. Does it make sense for investors to get out of the market until volatility settles down? Answer If the current high volatility makes you permanently averse to stock market volatility, and the inevitable variation in market volatility, […]

The ‘Credit Crunch’ Explained

Ever wondered, “How did it get so bad so quickly?”  How did the cleverest financiers get us into this credit crunch?  Who should we flog publicly I hear you cry?  How could we create a $457 trillion global derivatives market leveraged on global Gross Domestic Product (the total market value of all goods and services […]