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Must we speculate to accumulate?

Stock-market-timing The saying goes that you must speculate to accumulate. This proverb says little to help people in search of a sensible long-term investment strategy, but it does suggest something important about one of the basic principles of investing; the relationship between risk and reward. To many people, speculation is on the wild side of […]

Investors Crash Course – Part 5

The rules of sensible investing are, in fact, relatively simple. Unfortunately, the investment industry seems to prefer complexity. Twice in recent history, that complexity has sent markets tumbling, as part five of our stock market history series shows. The lessons went unlearned, however; and just 20 years later came another crash – the ‘credit crunch’ […]

Investors Crash Course – Part 4

Stock-market-timing Although it’s very tempting to try to time the market, in fact it’s virtually impossible to do it successfully. Far better than focusing on short-term ups and downs is to invest for the long term. Part four of our series looks through stock market history to show that it’s not TIMING the market, but […]

Gold Rush or False Refuge?

Gold is one of those “alternatives” to stock market investment that seem to get more attention when economic prospects seem most dicey. Maybe the real question isn’t whether gold is a terrific asset class, but whether gold or any alternative instrument really offers safe harbour from shaky capital markets and economic catastrophe. Can investors reliably […]