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The Price is Right

The Price is Right

When we talk about the way we invest you might hear us saying we believe prices are fair; that we believe in the power of markets; or that we believe there is information in prices. These are different ways of saying largely the same thing—that we believe the market does a good job of incorporating […]

Global Diversification

Holding investments in many different countries broadens the potential opportunities available to you and can help to reduce the overall risk of your investments. Global diversification is an important consideration when we construct investment portfolios and last year, like most years, was a good example of why.

Lessons from the FTSE 100

Market Falls

The FTSE 100 reached an all-time high in February, surpassing its previous peak achieved on the eve of the millennium. This illustrates that it can take a long time for the stock market to recover from a crash, but it’s not really representative of an investor’s experience since 1999. People tend to fixate on headline […]

Patience Pays Off

Investors would do well to expect the unexpected every year

Weston Wellington, the Vice President of Dimensional Fund Advisors in the US provides timely commentary and insight in response to prominent financial media headlines and topics concerning investors today. In this article he warns that Investors would do well to expect the unexpected every year.

Life expectancy

Stock-market-timing Having successfully accumulated a pensions pot, the time eventually arrives for de-cumulation – spending the hard-earned savings. The question then arises of how long the savings will need to last, and the answer might necessitate a change of plan – for example delaying retirement from work, or taking part-time work.