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Helping children to buy homes

The 3% stamp duty surcharge on the purchase of second homes which was introduced in April 2016 has posed a problem for parents wanting to help their children onto the housing ladder by buying in joint names. However, some enterprising lenders have devised plans which avoid the problem. These plans are called joint borrower sole […]

UK Budget – Key Points

For all the welter of announcements, the Chancellor is basically sticking to his Plan A, albeit the extended version revealed last autumn. The most interesting points to emerge from his speech were: A proposed further rise of £1,100 in the personal allowance to £9,205 for 2013/14. A proposed reduction in the 50% income tax rate […]

50p Tax – but for how long?

50% taxpayers will have been heartened by George Osborne’s assertion in his Budget speech that he sees the 50p additional rate as temporary. However, for those 50p taxpayers who also own high value property, their joy at a possible future removal of the 50p rate may be tempered by : 1. The Chancellor’s statement that: […]