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Book Review: Smarter Investing

Tim Hale Smarter Investing 3rd edition I am delighted to recommend the third edition of Tim Hale’s Financial Times publication ‘Smarter Investing’.  As a member of Wealthflow’s investment committee Tim Hale provides simple yet effective guidance in order that we may advise clients to the best of our abilities, ensuring that their money works harder […]

Secrets of Smarter Investing

Secret Principle 1: Focus on structure A client’s long-term portfolio structure will dominate their investment journey : Building the right portfolio structure for a client is the central focus of our process. Successful investing is about taking on ‘good’ risks that deliver a positive contribution to a client’s portfolio – these are predominantly carefully selected market […]

Smarter Investing: ‘If …’

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs… It has been quite a year for stock markets. In the past 12 months shares have soared to record highs; higher than the tech boom in 2001, and higher than the credit bubble of 2008. But let’s not get carried away. Being […]

Smarter Investing – part 1

What is institutional passive investing? Passive investing – often referred to as evidence-based investing, or indexing – seeks to replicate the performance of the market by investing to a pre-determined strategy which focuses on: keeping costs low by avoiding unnecessary trading diversifying across a wide set of asset classes holding all of the market and […]