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Reading between the headlines

Too often, money gets a bad press. Just in the past few weeks headlines have reported that “Yes, the stock market is rigged“[1] and “City watchdog to probe 30m financial products“[2]. At the same time, investigators are still looking into the alleged manipulation of foreign exchange rates and the rate that underpins most savings and […]

How to Beat the Market

Tim Hale Smarter Investing 3rd edition Chances are, you’ve read articles saying that it is impossible to beat the stock market–that is, to consistently earn higher returns than the stock market averages. At a recent conference for industry professionals in Dallas, the distinguished economist Dr. Horace Brock offered a deep dive into economic theory, and […]

More Secrets of Smarter Investing

The recent awarding of the Nobel Prize in economics to Professor Eugene Fama has sparked some criticism of his theory of efficient markets. Debate is a good thing, but it is always advisable to start with the right definitions. Fama’s ‘efficient markets hypothesis’ is a model of how markets behave. It was developed back in […]

Secrets of Smarter Investing?

The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said that life is very simple, but we insist on making it complicated. You could say the same thing about investment. Complexity in investment often goes with a lack of transparency. The highly engineered and multi-layered financial derivatives that contributed to the global financial crisis five years ago are a […]