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Pokémon Investing

Pokemon Go

Have you noticed the surge recently in people wandering aimlessly and staring at their smartphones? Chances are they’re playing Pokémon GO, the latest craze. It’s an activity eerily close to how some folk see investing.

Long-Term Perspective on Short-Term Volatility

World Market Performance

Every now and then, unexpected events can take people by surprise. That happened recently with the UK’s EU referendum, and it caused a flurry of activity across world markets. Short-term volatility can make investing in shares uncomfortable, but that discomfort comes with the territory and it’s important to keep it in perspective. We manage your […]

Investment Promises – Easy to make, difficult to keep

‘ABSOLUTE RETURN’ PROMISES – BUYER BEWARE The combination of short-term market uncertainty, human nature and an immediately attractive sounding moniker for an investment is a marketing man’s dream. The investment industry has been masterful at constructing and selling such products, not least ‘absolute return’ products, which employ active management strategies that seek to deliver positive […]

The hidden value of great financial planning

Delivering ‘peace of mind’ may sound a bit trite, but that is the goal, consequence and value of great financial planning.

Just as we pride ourselves in providing expert advice to our clients we also value the research and wisdom of finance academics. In his most recent publication, Tim Hale (author of Smarter Investing: Simple Decisions for Better Results) provides insightful thinking on the hidden value of great financial planning. Almost everyone worries about money, what […]