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Book Review – ‘The Index Revolution: Why Investors Should Join It Now’

Book Review – ‘The Index Revolution: Why Investors Should Join It Now’

Two of my favourite investment commentators, Charles D. Ellis (Author) and Burton G. Malkiel (Foreword), add yet more weight to Wealthflow’s long-held belief that the academic evidence-based approach to investing creates a more worthwhile portfolio.

A Vote for Smarter Investing?

Smarter Investing

Many clients have been surprised by the exceptionally strong performance of Wealthflow portfolios during the past 12 months. This gives me the opportunity to explain the finer detail, not often discussed, within our ‘systematic’ disciplined investment strategy. In the days immediately following the recent US presidential election, US small company stocks experienced higher returns than […]

Pension Update : 2016 Autumn Statement

Good News / Bad News

Only one change was announced in relation to pensions, and this relates to contribution limits. The current annual contribution allowance is £40,000, but this reduces to £10,000 in cases where the pension holder has begun drawing down income (as opposed to tax-free cash) from a ‘money purchase’ pension. This £10,000 limit is now to be […]

Patience is a virtue, so is being a tortoise


Aesop’s fable about the tortoise beating the hare provides a good analogy for investing. The trouble with investing is market noise. Investors generally know that with time they are likely to pick up a premium for owning equities relative to holding cash or bonds. Most investors know that time helps to turn bad short-term market […]

The US election: Certain uncertainty!

Financial Predictions

The US election: the one thing we can be sure about is uncertainty We are somewhat loathe to put out yet another piece about what might happen in the markets as it risks focusing long-term, sensible investors’ minds on short-term events. The referendum on Scottish independence, Grexit, China’s slowdown and most recently Brexit, have come […]