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Pension reforms – challenges and opportunities

School Fees Planning

Give the Chancellor 8/10 for his April pension reforms New pension reforms came into being on 6th April 2015.  The materially greater freedoms that now exist have much appeal, yet they come with greatly increased complexity both in understanding and in execution.  On balance these reforms are welcome, but the need for high quality advice […]

Possible CGT Rate Change – Budget

Debate on likelihood and impact of change continues. This blog post will look at the following Official concern over ‘the gap’ – between the CGT and income tax rates. Potential impact on business owners. Impact of ‘rate rise fear’ on current (‘pre-rise’) financial planning strategy. Possible longer term impact if rate rise implemented. Official ‘concern’ […]

What’s the best way to purchase commercial premises?

Company Purchase? Advantages If the company buys the property, it does not disrupt or distort the pension investment structure in any way. If the company owns the property, there will be no rent to pay, only interest on any debt. The interest will be tax relievable (as would be rent). By contrast, a pension scheme […]