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FT Interview: Duncan Glassey

Duncan Glassey, founder of Wealthflow, talks about the life coaching approach to financial advice and forging long-lasting relationships with his clients. When advisers talk about ‘holistic’ financial planning, they probably do not imagine discussing sex, health or how to lead a more exciting life with their clients. If Duncan Glassey gets his way, advisers could […]

Reality may add insult to injury

Case ‘winners’ can lose out due to lack of support or poor financial advice, Duncan Glassey tells David Lee It’s been a familiar scene on news bulletins down the years. A pay-out in a case of medical negligence runs into millions; the family lawyer welcomes the end of years of struggle and heartache; solicitors on […]

Share Options – take care!

Synopsis: Care must be taken when exercising share options that are considered “readily convertible assets”. Recent case law highlights the need for employers and employees to take great care when an employer is required to pay tax on behalf of an employee and the employee is required to reimburse the employer. This situation may appear […]

What is Sudden Wealth?

Question: Duncan, I hear the term ‘sudden wealth’ more and more often these days, but what is it? Answer: Well there’s gradual money and there’s sudden money.  Most of us are used to gradual money – earning an income and building a nest egg over time.  It’s a slow and steady process.  As our net […]

Wealth Check: ‘I want to retire at 40. Am I deluded?’

Case Study Taken from The Independent, Saturday 10 January 2009 Nick Eddy, 27, is originally from Victoria, Australia and has been living in London for less than a year. He is a civil engineer and has been working in construction management for the 2012 Olympic Games for the past four years. Nick doesn’t have an […]