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The New Retirement is “No Retirement”

Entrepreneurs just keep going. It seems that the financial future of many entrepreneurs, SME owners and millionaires (categories that are, of course, not mutually exclusive) may well not incorporate ‘retirement’ as we have traditionally come to know it. Recent research indicates that many high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners intend to carry on […]


The latest in a series of reports gives a name to a phenomenon well-known in financial circles, that of wealthy individuals who choose not to retire even though they can afford to do so in luxurious circumstances, even several times over. These ‘Nevertirees’, as the report calls them, ”are very actively engaged in what we […]

‘Sudden Wealthflow’ Syndrome?

One morning, John, a 52-year-old software designer, wakes up and realises he no longer has to go to work. For several years, he has toiled 70 hour weeks at his London based start-up company. Now his company has gone public and John is worth over £10m. His dreams have come true, yet, after an initial […]

Wealth Check: ‘I want to retire at 40. Am I deluded?’

Case Study Taken from The Independent, Saturday 10 January 2009 Nick Eddy, 27, is originally from Victoria, Australia and has been living in London for less than a year. He is a civil engineer and has been working in construction management for the 2012 Olympic Games for the past four years. Nick doesn’t have an […]