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Budget: A Deal for Savers

The Chancellor’s 2014 Budget was designed to assist “the doers, the makers and the savers”, and it contained major and unexpected improvements to both pensions and savings. Who needs annuities? George Osborne’s statement that as a result of his changes, “no one will have to buy an annuity” triggered major falls in the shares of […]

NS&I Budget announcement

In the Budget announcement yesterday (Wednesday 19 March), the Chancellor outlined plans for National Savings & Investments (NS&I) to help support savers. Firstly, NS&I will launch a special issue of a market-leading savings bond for people aged 65 and over which will go on sale during the final quarter of the financial year (January 2015), […]

Retirement – brave new world?

Radical changes proposed in yesterday’s Budget could herald the biggest shake-up to UK pensions ever. And it could happen as soon as 2015. hese welcome proposals would give pension savers more freedom, choice and flexibility than ever before over how they access their pension savings. If the changes go ahead, anyone of pension age would […]

Plot your route to retirement

With retirement on their minds but wondering how they could do it without jeopardising their finances, investing in advice from a financial planner was a move that paid handsome dividends for the Armstrongs. Campbell Armstrong, a head- teacher in Kilmarnock, decided it was time to get some help when he and his wife, both 59, […]

How Chess Imitates Life

For many, the phrase “retirement planning” has become limited to the planning done in the years leading up to retirement. When you consider that your retirement could last for 30 to 40 years, it’s easy to see that your planning won’t end once you transition out of the work force. Chances are that the things […]