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How long is long term?

The Budget and You

For many investors – particularly those in retirement – the question ‘how long is long-term?’ could also be translated as ‘I’m getting on a bit, so should I still be investing in the stock market?’. When it comes to systematic investing – that is to say, capturing specific market risks in a disciplined and rules […]

A ‘set-and-forget’ investment approach? Forget it!

No financial portfolio is an island.

Systematic, evidence-based investing often results in very little activity in a portfolio. It is wrong to think that this is the result of a ‘set-and-forget’ strategy. Wealthflow’s Investment Committee would be aggrieved at such a suggestion! Considerable effort goes on behind the scenes to allow this state of calm consistency to exist. The fortitude and […]

A Careful Balancing Act

I read an excellent column in last week’s FT which addressed the issue of portfolio rebalancing. This might sound a somewhat tiresome and technical subject but it is actually one of the fundamental elements of effective and disciplined portfolio management. The key point about portfolio rebalancing is to ensure that the spread and percentage of […]