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Individuals leaving the UK

Q. Duncan, I’m planning to take up full-time employment outside of the UK.  I have a number of job offers on different continents, what planning ideas do you have? A. General comments – not to be construed as advice. The tax position of individuals leaving the UK will depend substantially on whether they are leaving […]

Investing in a recession: Top Tips

The economic downturn has made people all the more aware of the importance of husbanding their money carefully. Here, top Financial Planners identify the key steps to take to save and invest wisely. 1. ‘Pay off debt’ – Danny Cox, Hargreaves Lansdown The repayment of debt is the best investment you can ever make. The […]

Losing interest but what’s the alternative?

With interest rates for savers falling further last week it is only natural that anyone who has previously relied upon interest payments to partially fund their lifestyle or generate growth for future income will now be looking for better returns. And better returns are potentially available through a whole host of product types, including structured […]