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Next Stockmarket Crisis – Past Lessons

We have now moved beyond the 10-year anniversary of when, in early October 2007, the S&P 500 Index hit what was its highest point before losing more than half its value over the next year and a half during the global financial crisis.

Depositor Protection

The special additional cover given to Northern Rock depositors is being withdrawn. When Northern Rock became Northern Wreck in September 2007, the Treasury issued a statement saying that it would guarantee all the bank’s deposit accounts in being at midnight on19 September 2007. The guarantee covered future interest payments, movements of funds between accounts and […]

Risk and return are inextricably linked, so draw up your strategy carefully

Question: Duncan, events over the past year have been very discouraging from an investment perspective, what general advice can you give? Answer: I believe a broadly diversified investment approach has made sense in the past, makes sense today and will continue to make sense in the future. Most importantly, this strategy provides the strongest foundation […]