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Life expectancy

Stock-market-timing Having successfully accumulated a pensions pot, the time eventually arrives for de-cumulation – spending the hard-earned savings. The question then arises of how long the savings will need to last, and the answer might necessitate a change of plan – for example delaying retirement from work, or taking part-time work.

Unfair competition on risk-free interest rates?

NATIONAL SAVINGS Synopsis: Some National Savings & Investments (NS&I) rates have suddenly become competitive. We commented in an earlier posting that for 2009/10, NS&I´s agreed goal with the Treasury was to stand still, ie to balance inflows with outflows. This meant, in NS&I words, that it would continue ´to focus on balancing the interests of […]

The recession is not over

Synopsis: The latest figures from National Statistics suggest the UK economy is still shrinking. Is the UK still in recession? In the days before last Friday´s release of GDP figures from National Statistics, most economists would have said ´probably not´. The consensus forecast was for GDP to have shown an increase in the third quarter […]