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Premium Bonds – A good investment?

Premium Bonds – A good investment?

Premium bonds are an incredibly popular savings vehicle with over 21 Million bond holders and around £72 Billion ‘invested’. And yet, they really aren’t a savings vehicle at all. There is no interest rate although NS&I provide a guide ‘return’ of 1.4% (effective from 1st December 2017). But this return is in the form of […]

Financial Planning Tips

Aside from National Savings, the first port of call for most investors will be pensions and ISAs, and those who can afford to do so are usually advised to invest fully in both. But is that the end of the story? Both pensions and ISAs offer a tax-free environment on the investment returns which are […]

Junior ISAs – As simple as ABC

The Junior ISA is a tax free account aimed specifically at UK resident children under age 18 who didn’t qualify for a Child Trust Fund (CTF). This also includes children born before the CTF was introduced on 1 September 2002 to ensure that they don’t miss out. Like the CTF, the child will own the […]

Bank Savings Alternative???

Index-linked certificates are looking surprisingly attractive. National Savings & Investments has largely disappeared from the savings league tables since its brief flirtation with market-leading growth bond rates last October (you may remember – I know that many Wealthflow clients benefited from these excellent rates). On the face of it, index-linked certificates offering 1% pa over […]