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Discount Rate: Medical Negligence / Catastrophic Injury Awards

Maintaining a longer-term perspective makes the volatility easier to handle

An unexpectedly large change to the discount rate, which determines compensation payments for those suffering life-changing injuries, has thrown the insurance markets and their legal advisers into disarray. Campaigners have long been arguing for changes to the ‘Ogden rate’, the mechanism allowing courts to fairly price catastrophic injury compensation payments to support pursuers financially throughout […]

Guidelines on Cerebral Palsy Published by NICE

Nice Guidelines 2017

The U.K.’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published its first guideline on cerebral palsy (CP) which covers diagnosing, assessing, and managing CP in children and young adults from birth to age 25. It’s goal is to ensure that people with CP receive the right care they need to be as active and independent as […]

Sudden Money – Medical Negligence

A JUDGE’S decision to include regular payments for the life of a child paralysed at birth is “a significant step in the right direction” for families affected by such tragedies, according to a financial planning expert. Lord Stewart recommended part of the settlement in the case of an unnamed boy left paralysed from the head […]