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Investment Market Review

Managing Your Financial Settlement

After logging strong returns in 2017, global equity markets delivered negative returns in British pound terms in 2018. The fourth quarter equity market decline has many investors wondering how equities may perform in the near term. Equity market declines of 10% have occurred numerous times in the past. The S&P 500 returned –11.5% in the […]

It’s official – Private Banks no longer fashionable

According to a new report commissioned by JP Morgan, wealthly individuals no longer wish to deal with private banks, now there’s a surprise. The report, titled The Wealth Management Report: Meeting the Expectations of UK High Net Worth Individuals, analysed the challenges facing the wealth industry, particularly the changing demands of the new young high […]

Coming into Sudden Wealth?

Question: Duncan, what practical steps should I take now that I’m a ‘sudden wealthflow’ recipient? Answer: Generally speaking, people who come into money quickly, such as lottery winners and people who receive large inheritances, usually make decisions too soon. They put their house on the market and buy a new, bigger one right away. They […]

Q&A: Foretelling The Future?

Question: Why can’t advisers tell the future? Answer: No one can systematically predict the future. Market prices are forward-looking and are set based on expectations. As new information emerges, it is quickly reflected in prices, but future news is by definition unknowable. The sensible approach is to control what you can (e.g., diversification, taxes, costs, […]