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Greece… the end game strategy

Greece has a current population of 11.3 million people, which is roughly twice that of Scotland, for our US readers that’s just slightly fewer than the number of people who reside in the state of Ohio–roughly; 0.165% of the global population. Its economy (measured by GDP) is roughly 0.478% of the world’s total, falling somewhere […]

Smart Investment Lessons

Since 2008, economic uncertainty and market volatility have tested the staying power of investors around the world. Many people fled equities during the worst months of the global financial crisis, while others waited for signs of a turnaround before investing more. Their emotional reactions may have exacted a large price on their wealth. The graph […]

Deciphering the Code

With the debate over the U.S. government debt, the debt woes in the Eurozone, and talk of a double-dip recession – suddenly fairly complex economic issues are showing up in the mainstream news.  In our own conversations with clients, we recognise that sometimes the lingo used in the financial services and economic world can become […]

Deconstructing Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway released its 2010 annual report last weekend, including the letter to shareholders from Chairman Warren Buffett that is always eagerly awaited by the investment community. We are gratified to find that Mr. Buffett’s legendary ability to simplify complex issues remains undiminished and his trademark wit is as sharp as ever. Financial journalists, eager […]

Year End Planning

March is a key month in which to consider tax planning to maximise the use of an individual’s allowances, reliefs, exemptions etc for the current tax year.  Some of these will be lost if not used before the tax year end. As well as last minute tax planning for 2009/10, now is also a good […]