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Not Rocket Science

When the media raises the subject of beating the stockmarket through astute stock picking, the name ‘Warren Buffett’ is usually cited. But what does this legendary investor actually say about the smart way to invest? Buffett is considered to have such a track record of picking stock winners and avoiding losers that his annual letter […]

Must we speculate to accumulate?

Stock-market-timing The saying goes that you must speculate to accumulate. This proverb says little to help people in search of a sensible long-term investment strategy, but it does suggest something important about one of the basic principles of investing; the relationship between risk and reward. To many people, speculation is on the wild side of […]

Secrets of Smarter Investing

Secret Principle 1: Focus on structure A client’s long-term portfolio structure will dominate their investment journey : Building the right portfolio structure for a client is the central focus of our process. Successful investing is about taking on ‘good’ risks that deliver a positive contribution to a client’s portfolio – these are predominantly carefully selected market […]

Money & Sense

“Making money in the global markets is just a click away”, the advertisement openly promised, without mentioning that losses are just as instantaneous. For many people, one consequence of poor investment returns over prolonged periods is that the lure of the easy-money, quick-fix trade becomes even stronger. This is how marketers of foreign exchange trading […]

Eurozone & Greece: Client Update

Nearly three years since it began, the European sovereign debt crisis continues to create great uncertainty in global financial markets. This is understandably an anxious time for investors. The crisis has raised questions about not only the sustainability of sovereign debt burdens in Europe, but about the future of the common currency experiment. At a […]