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Financial Planning Tips

Aside from National Savings, the first port of call for most investors will be pensions and ISAs, and those who can afford to do so are usually advised to invest fully in both. But is that the end of the story? Both pensions and ISAs offer a tax-free environment on the investment returns which are […]

Easy Inheritance Tax Planning

IHT planning for those who don’t want to change their lives. For all who believe that they will have an IHT liability on their death or that of their spouse or civil partner. The Solution: A  life assurance policy – single life or joint lives last survivor (as appropriate) in trust for those who will […]

Individuals leaving the UK

Q. Duncan, I’m planning to take up full-time employment outside of the UK.  I have a number of job offers on different continents, what planning ideas do you have? A. General comments – not to be construed as advice. The tax position of individuals leaving the UK will depend substantially on whether they are leaving […]