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Lifetime ISA – One for the kids and/or grandkids?

School Fees Planning

Since April 2017, you’ve been able to open a Lifetime ISA if you’re aged between 18 and 40. For every £4 you pay in, the government will add £1. You can pay in a maximum of £4,000 a year to receive the £1,000 bonus from the government, which will be added at the end of […]

Junior ISAs – As simple as ABC

The Junior ISA is a tax free account aimed specifically at UK resident children under age 18 who didn’t qualify for a Child Trust Fund (CTF). This also includes children born before the CTF was introduced on 1 September 2002 to ensure that they don’t miss out. Like the CTF, the child will own the […]

New Junior ISA

The weekend financial pages gave reasonable (and in some cases extensive) cover to the increase to the contribution limit for the forthcoming Junior ISA to £3,600. It has been predicted that if a junior ISA were commenced at birth and the full investment permitted were made each year then at an assumed rate of growth […]

Children & Money

There are reports (unconfirmed officially as yet) that the new Junior ISA limit will be £3,600 when it is launched in November 2011. It has also been suggested that the Child Trust Fund (CTF) limit will also increase to £3,600 – again unconfirmed. All will no doubt become a little clearer when the final rules […]