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New Retirementality: Drawdown or annuity?

Risk of running out of money

The announcement that the income from a joint lives annuity will be tax-free for the survivor of a marriage or civil partnership has to some extent leveled the playing field between the retirement options of buying an annuity and drawing down income and capital from a pension pot. However, the flexibility and tax-efficiency now available […]

Unfair competition on risk-free interest rates?

NATIONAL SAVINGS Synopsis: Some National Savings & Investments (NS&I) rates have suddenly become competitive. We commented in an earlier posting that for 2009/10, NS&I´s agreed goal with the Treasury was to stand still, ie to balance inflows with outflows. This meant, in NS&I words, that it would continue ´to focus on balancing the interests of […]

Losing interest but what’s the alternative?

With interest rates for savers falling further last week it is only natural that anyone who has previously relied upon interest payments to partially fund their lifestyle or generate growth for future income will now be looking for better returns. And better returns are potentially available through a whole host of product types, including structured […]

‘Sudden Wealthflow’ Syndrome?

One morning, John, a 52-year-old software designer, wakes up and realises he no longer has to go to work. For several years, he has toiled 70 hour weeks at his London based start-up company. Now his company has gone public and John is worth over £10m. His dreams have come true, yet, after an initial […]

Wealth Check: ‘I want to retire at 40. Am I deluded?’

Case Study Taken from The Independent, Saturday 10 January 2009 Nick Eddy, 27, is originally from Victoria, Australia and has been living in London for less than a year. He is a civil engineer and has been working in construction management for the 2012 Olympic Games for the past four years. Nick doesn’t have an […]