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Philanthropy… ‘The Gospel of Wealth’

Andrwew Carnegie - The Gospel Of Wealth

America claims to be a place where if you work hard enough you can become wealthy. However, for all that prosperity, the gap between rich and poor has always been large and continues to grow. For over a century, people have tried to fix this inequality. The Gospel of Wealth was written in 1889 by […]

Budget round-up

Budget Round-up

Pension lifetime allowance In an unexpected announcement, the maximum value of pension wealth which can be accumulated without incurring a 55% tax charge is to be reduced from £1.25 million to £1 million with effect from April 2016.

What should Prince Harry do with his inheritance?

Harry is set to inherit £10 million from his mother’s estate when he turn 30 next week. Prince Harry’s love of partying is no secret and the £10 million he’s about to inherit on his 30th birthday could be cause to celebrate, but he might want to think carefully about what he’s going to do […]

New Retirementality

The Chancellor’s 2014 Budget heralded a revolution in providing for retirement. Here is a summary of what pension savers need to know. Reasons for the 2014 Budget changes The objective of the Budget changes is to remove the need for pension savers to apply their pension pots to purchasing annuities and to enable them instead […]