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Deciphering the Code

With the debate over the U.S. government debt, the debt woes in the Eurozone, and talk of a double-dip recession – suddenly fairly complex economic issues are showing up in the mainstream news.  In our own conversations with clients, we recognise that sometimes the lingo used in the financial services and economic world can become […]

Inflation Dilemma

Ten years ago, eminent economists were saying that inflation had been beaten for ever. How wrong they were! Back in the 1970s, when inflation was well above 20%, the main reason was a trebling in the price of oil, the effect of which was exacerbated by competing trade union demands for compensating wage increases. Both […]

Alternative Index-Linked Certificates?

Two new inflation-linked investments have been launched. In early June last year I commented on the attractiveness of National Savings & Investments (NS&I) index-linked certificates. At the time both three and five-year issues of the tax-free certificates were offering 1% pa above (RPI) inflation if held to maturity and, significantly, 0.85% or 0.75% above RPI […]

Inflation-Beating Savings

Looking for a secure alternative to UK bank accounts? Three key points about NS&I Inflation-Beating Savings: They may be attractive if you are concerned about future inflationary risks. Inflation-Beating Savings offer a guaranteed interest rate, plus a return linked to the Retail Prices Index (RPI). Returns are also free of UK Income Tax and Capital […]